Short Paragraph on Climate Change

Climate change is the gradual and often permanent change in the climate or weather patterns of the earth or a particular region. This is accelerated by global warming (rise in global temperatures due to greenhouse effect)

Causes of Climate Change

1. Deforestation has led to an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere thus exacerbating the effects of climate change

2. Industrialization leads to the emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

3. Change of land use also contributes to climate change

4. The burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – the major greenhouse gas after water vapor.

5. Changes in volcanic activity, solar output and the earth’s orbit around the sun.

Effects of Climate Change

1. The rise in extreme weather phenomena such as heavy flooding, lengthy droughts, increase in tropical cyclones etc.

2. Decrease in water sources

3. Reduction in food supply because higher temperatures reduce agricultural productivity

4. Increase and emergence of new diseases

5. Melting of glaciers leading to sea level rise and hence in flooding in coastal areas.

Remedial Measures for Climate Change

1. Promoting the use of renewable energy in homes e.g. wind, solar, biogas, etc.

2. Enacting laws that govern the emission of CFCs in industries

3. Curbing the rate of deforestation

4. Promoting the use of public transport

5. Developing low-carbon technologies