As you learn about the enormity of the global warming crisis you may become disheartened. You may even become depressed as you face the possibility of irreversible global warming and the extinction of the human race.

The following 16 Benefits of Global Warming look at the “big picture” opportunities and benefits that are possible as we work toward resolving global warming. Out of necessity, we discovered that regular review of this list is absolutely critical to keep our team morale up. We hope that you will enjoy using this list as needed.

Global Warming Benefit 1  -  Global Warming is the greatest collective adaptive challenge and transformational, evolutionary adventure in human history. It will force us to grow in evolutionary maturity as a global society and one human family. 

Global Warming Benefit 2  -  Ongoing scientific research on the destabilizing climate is effectively warning all rational individuals about the great climate challenge before us.

Global Warming Benefit 3  -  There will be positive climate wildcards that will benefit some parts of the world at least temporarily. Some of those wildcards might also be in the form of new technologies that could help us dramatically reduce global warming and improve the climate re-stabilization process.

Global Warming Benefit 4  -  As we fully engage with the the climate re-stabilization process will also be creating the natural foundation for a long-term Sustainable Prosperity for everyone.

Global Warming Benefit 5  -  Even if we cannot completely eliminate the escalating pain, suffering, and death due to current climate destabilization, We can still work together to effectively slow and minimize it.

Global Warming Benefit 6  -  Despite the threat before us, we can still fully enjoy our daily lives as we work together to resolve the global warming climate destabilization challenge.

Global Warming Benefit 7  -  By being forced toward a sustainable future, we create hundreds of millions of new, well paid green energy jobs.

Global Warming Benefit 8  -  Global climate destabilization will inevitably force us into new levels of local, national, and international climate cooperation.

Global Warming Benefit 9  -  We still have time to get prepared and to build emergency reserves and resilience into our local and international preparedness systems.

Global Warming Benefit 10  -  There are unique benefits to people of faith and faith communities in forwarding the climate re-stabilization process.

Global Warming Benefit 11  -  We can re-stabilize the climate without making it a polarized battle of us versus them.

Global Warming Benefit 12  -  The destructive creation of climate destabilization will facilitate necessary structural and systemic benefits that may not be possible by any other means.

Global Warming Benefit 13  -  We can trust 13.8 billion years of evolutionary success and momentum to help get us through this climate destabilization adaptive challenge.

Global Warming Benefit 14  -  In resolving climate destabilization we will be forced to pilot new, and better lifestyles, livelihoods, and community models.

Global Warming Benefit 15  -  Once we stop adding carbon and methane pollution to the atmosphere we eventually will establish a new stable global average temperature and climate.

Global Warming Benefit 16  -  Even if we do not stop climate destabilization in time for humanity to survive, from a “big picture” evolutionary perspective, there are still many benefits for the remaining planetary life and the evolution of our universe.